Test Us

Before we start, a few questions:



Are you currently struggling to fill a vacancy?


Do you often find that you receive inappropriate / irrelevant candidates for the role(s) you are recruiting?


Do you spend too much of your time wading through unsuitable applications?


Have you been unimpressed with the level of understanding and service you have received from the recruiter(s) you're currently using or have used in the past?



If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, please read on...


We find that a lot of our competitors talk the talk, but too often fail to walk the walk. By this I mean that they initially promise the world, but then fail to deliver any candidates worthy of an interview. The end result tends to be a barrage of inappropriate and irrelevant candidates sent to your inbox, followed by numerous phone calls and emails chasing feedback, and finally a lot of your valuable time being wasted. It happens too often and frankly gives recruitment consultancies that deliver a quality service like us a bad name.


At Market Place Solutions, we believe in a methodical and efficient approach with an emphasis on 'Quality over Quantity' and strive to get it right first time every time. Service delivery is paramount and we understand that in business, as in life, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


Due to the extensive industry experience and intensive training our consultants have had, specifically in areas of advertising, search, selection and interviewing of candidates, as well as our rigid (bordering on 'perfectionist') submission criteria across the business  we pride ourselves on the following ratio:




This is the area in which we would like you to TEST US.


In fact, we're so confident in our ability to deliver candidates you will want to interview that prior to the formalisation of any terms of business or commitment from you, we're prepared to totally commit our time and company resources to the finding of just one candidate you will want to interview for any role you are currently recruiting (and potentially struggling to fill).


Naturally we would need to take a full verbal job specification from you / the recruiting manager prior to us working on the role, and would expect feedback on any candidate submitted. But that aside, the commitment from you would be minimal.


The idea is that you test us by giving us one chance, in the form of a single CV submission, to prove our worth... It will be one submission and one submission only and is our guarantee of a 'quality over quantity' approach, which you can always rely on.


Following this submission, if (and only 'if') you're impressed with the calibre of the candidate and the service we've provided, it will be up to you how we proceed.


With any luck you will want to set up an interview for the candidate submitted and start working towards the forging of a new and mutually beneficial business partnership.


Hopefully this 'Test us' option will rouse your interest. If so please feel free to give us a call on 02089421813. Alternatively, you can drop a line of enquiry to test@marketplacesolutions.co.uk.


Hopefully we will hear from you soon!




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