Permanent Recruitment


We understand that the growth of your business is key to its progression.


Our Permanent recruitment service allows you to source the most suitable candidates to run in line with your business' long term goals and objectives.


We understand that it's important to make sure that permanent candidates not only have the right skills and experience, but that their career aspirations, their work ethic, their personality and their interests run in line with your business. Finding the right fit goes far beyond the credentials detailed on a CV, and so we will work with you to define and find the perfect candidate(s) for your business.


Contract Recruitment


Our contract recruitment service is perfect for any business in need of specific expertise over a defined period. It's ideal as a means of 'getting the job done' and dealing with the inevitable peaks and troughs that so many businesses experience. Contractors tend to be specialists in a particular field, so they are expected to hit the ground running, at least moreso than in permanent recruitment. On the graduate side of things, this usually focuses on demonstrated excellence in a particular engineering skill during their degree/masters/PHD.


Once again, we understand that the right fit is imperative, but given the nature of contractor requirements, the ability to do the job is the major emphasis. Career aspirations, locality and personal interests take a bit of a back seat, whilst skills and experience are the prime focus. Again, we will work with you to define and find the perfect candidate(s) for your contractor needs.



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