Managed Service


We offer a managed service and dedicated account management option that enables you to centralise all of your graduate recruitment via ourselves, with a view of streamlining and ultimately improving the efficiency of your recruitment process. 


By acting as your sole supplier, we take on the full responsibility of your graduate recruitment supply chain, freeing up your own time and internal resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best - The running of your business. 


We are happy to be the face of your business where graduate recruitment is concerned. This means we will advertise, search, select and interview candidates on your behalf before submitting them for your consideration. Just let us know if you would like us to implement any additional aspects to the selection process (Specific competency based questions, Psychometric testing, CAD Test, Weld Test, etc...). This simply gives you the option to tailor this first stage to your own unique selection criteria / preferences. 


We are also happy to handle any speculative calls you receive from other recruiters. Very occasionally, when particularly niche skills are involved, we may consider providing other recruitment companies the option to 2nd tier through us, enabling them to supply candidates for a specific role. We will only do this if they can demonstrate a particular specialism in an area which we do not, and ultimately add value. In this case, again, we will handle all submissions and you will still only deal directly with us. 


Ultimately, the Managed Service option is designed to make your life easier. It is entirely customisable, so you can pick and choose exactly how much involvement we have. 


This has proven an invaluable service to some of our key clients.



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