Writing your CV and Cover Letter


Please don’t hesitate in asking for our help as we have seen thousands of CVs and covering letters and we know what the winning formula is, so if you have any questions just give us a call. These are the first impression you give to a future employer, so it is absolutely critical to get them right. If they aren't perfect (your CV in particular), you may not get over the first hurdle of the recruitment process.


The below links may help, particularly with perfecting your CV:


You'll find sample CVs and other handy bits of info to aid you in the compiling of that winning CV here:-




You can also use the governments more recent CV Builder tool, which we personally think is absolutely great. It also gives useful Cover letter tips. Check it out here:- 





For the purposes of clarity, your Covering letter is a very different entity to the CV as it is far more emotive and less technical. It needs to be  tailored to your writing style and personality, the industry you work in and the role and the company you're applying for. This bespoke nature means it can be difficult thing to teach. I.e. there’s no 100% correct formula. 


However, to give you some tips in terms of structure and content, here's a link that you may find useful:-




Again, please feel free to call us if you would like any advice or help. And don't hesitate to send us a copy of your CV and/or Cover letter to critique.


Good luck!


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