The Presentation


One of the most effective methods of impressing at interview stage is via presentation. The presentation topic will vary from client to client, but often it will focus on one or more of the following topics:




What / who inspires you?

Why have you chosen this career route?

What are your career aspirations and personal aspirations?

What is your background and history to date (only a concise overview obviously)

What drives you? 

Your interests / hobbies / passions outside of the workplace and academic world


Your Skills and Experience 


Your core skills and areas of expertise

Major academic projects and achievements

Any specialism(s) that relate to the role and the company you are applying to

Where does your heart lie and what are you most enthusiastic about?

Demonstrable experience of your ability to problem solve

Most proud moments in your academic / engineering career


For a few tips on how to prepare a winning presentation, there are loads of links online. As a starting point, why not check out the link below:



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