The Interview & The STAR Technique

We find that most people are fairly confident about their ability to interview. At Market Place Solutions, we don't doubt anybody's potential or their belief in themselves; we embrace and encourage confidence, drive and enthusiasm. 


However, we have been in the recruitment industry for a long time and history has taught us that sometimes what should be a winning combination of confidence, experience and suitability for the job isn't enough to get through the interview process. "Why?" you may ask.




What if you're up against somebody who has all the same qualities as you do, but they have done that extra bit of preparation for dealing with specific interview questioning / techniques?


The first step is to have a decent grasp of competency based questioning. This isn't particularly complex - it's all about YOU and real life situations you have experienced. However, it is designed to catch you off guard and put you on the spot. The key is how you deal with the questions that are thrown at you.


This brings us to the second step...


Human resources departments often have their own definitive methods of scoring candidates, which simply focuses on the method you use to answer competency / situation based questions they put to you. What they tend to look for are answers in line with the STAR technique. STAR stands for:







This is a universally recognised method of answering competency based questions and getting it right can give you that inside edge over other applicants. This approach to scoring candidates enables Human Resources departments to quickly and simply reduce their shortlist of candidates. This is a reality of the interview process, which can often leave even the most suitable candidates without an offer of employment. Again, we have provided documents and links below which should aid you in mastering the STAR technique.


There is a link here that you might find useful relating to the STAR technique:


For general tips of how to handle the interview, why not have a look at this link:


Remember, preparation is vital, and although some of them may seem obvious, there are various steps you can take prior to interview to ensure you are well and truly ready. Below is a link that you might find useful:


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