Permanent Recruitment


Companies often prioritise Permanent recruitment over any other type of recruitment. It tends to run directly in line with their long term strategy, goals and growth plans, therefore it is imperative to get the fit absolutely right.


For Permanent recruitment, factors such as your character, your goals, your motivators and your long term potential are far more important than in Contract roles. Permanent Recruitment is the back bone of our business and it is for this reason that we spend so much time working with candidates and companies to ensure that we deliver the perfect matches.


We want to make a difference to your life and contribute to your success. We know how important it is to get the fit right. The approach we take is often tailored to your individual needs and we guarantee the upmost quality, professionalism and dedication through every stage of the process.



Contract Recruitment


Companies often recruit contractors as a means of dealing with the peaks and troughs of their business.


The focus of contract recruitment is to recruit candidates with a particular area of specialism and expertise, employing their services over a defined period of time. In contrast to permanent recruitment, more of an emphasis is put on your skills and experience over any other attribute(s). You are paid on an hourly basis / daily basis and can expect to receive greater financial rewards in the short term.


This part of our business is about reacting to our clients' needs and placing you in a contract that will allow them to capitalise on your expertise. Our approach here is built on efficiency, urgency and once again professionalism.



Pre-Grad Head Hunting and Representation


We have recently introduced a new scheme for graduate recruitment. We believe that we are in a very strong position to identify and secure your ideal graduate role well in advance of graduation. With everybody graduating at the same time, competition is extremely fierce often with limited options before you graduate. Our strategy is to work with you while you are still studying - promoting your personality, attitude and qualifications to find you potential career opportunities prior to graduating.


Our Pre-grad head hunting and representation scheme puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to be a step ahead of the competition. Before you even start the final year of your education we can identify target companies for you, promote you aggressively and set you up for interviews with those companies and even secure provisional offers of employment.


If you are currently in further education and would like to explore this option, please get in touch and let us work with you to secure that dream role.





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